Synchronize you social accounts with Chrome extension

Social Accounts

In order to synchronize your social accounts on Captain Data to automate your daily work 🚀, follow those steps - they are exactly the same for : Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook.

You can find those social accounts grouped on the integration tab 👇


Select the social account you want to synchronize - for exemple :

Click on Connect a New Account : Give a name to your account. You can use your First Name and/or Last Name.

And click on Install Chrome extension 👇

You will redirected to the Chrome Store.

A new window will open, click on  ✚ Add to Chrome. 

Once the Extension is downloaded, the account should be synchronized. 

Note that, you will then be redirected to Captain Data homepage. It means it has worked 🔥 You can close this new tab and the extension tab.

Coming back to your initial tab 👉 You will see the Account successfully synchronized 

Click on Return to accounts OR close the modal with the small cross ❌

Setup for specific social accounts

It's exactly the same process on every social accounts. If you want to check the detailed process for each platform :

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