Stop and retry a job

There's two reasons you might want to stop a job:

  • You made a mistake
  • Very occasionally, it happens that your job stays stuck on a running state

If you want to stop a job or if your job is still running after a day, you can stop the job and relaunch it.

For example, we're on the 29th of July so it's been running for 3 days.

You can click on Stop Job, which will mark the job as stopped:

Retry the job

The fastest way to retry a stopped job is to click on the banner Action Required:

This will open an additional card, where you'll be able to click on Retry now.

This will redirect you to the configuration, which you will be able to update to make your corrections:

Stop a specific step

Head over to the job details by clicking on a job card - you will see something like this:

Click on the step card to open the side navigation and click on "Stop Job":

Retry a specific step

You also have the possibility to retry a specific stopped step; for this you'll need to click on a job card, to see its detail:

Which opens a right-side navigation menu:

When clicking on retry, you will be redirected to the configuration which you can retry:

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