WP #3 Maintenance Status & New Layout

What's New

This is  Wednesday Pills: quick notes on what is changing on the product πŸŽ‰

Main Updates

Maintenance Status

In our general effort to provide a bug-free platform, we're releasing template's status.

At the moment, 3 different levels exist:

  • Green means that the automation is working perfectly fine
  • Orange means that the automation is being actively repaired
  • Red means that we flagged the automation as broken, repair on the way

Don't hesitate to reach out if you see something that is not working as it should, so that we can update its status.



We're launching a series of webinars in the upcoming weeks/months.

The first one will be live on October 21 at 11:00 a.m. (Paris), with our co-founder Marc Francis: you can register here.

Notable Updates

Coming Soon

  • [New Template] Instagram Followers Extractor
  • [New Integration] Hubspot πŸŽ‰ 
    • Create new contact
    • Create new company
  • [New Workflow] Instagram Followers Extractor + Auto-Follow

Improvements & Fixes

Automations corrected the past week:

  • LinkedIn login
  • LinkedIn conversation extractor
  • Sales Navigator Company Search
  • Twitter Followers Collector


  • How can I suggest an update on the roadmap? You can comment directly on the Trello board! (you need to be signed in though)
  • How can I suggest an addition on the roadmap? Shoot us an email at hello@captaindata.co 
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