Twitter automation rate limits and best practices

Usage Limits

# Tweets you can publish per day 

2400 tweets 

# New accounts you can follow and/or un-follow each day 

You're allowed to follow 1000 new account OR to unfollow 1000 accounts each day. You can consider that follow and unfollow are as the same "action" and you have 1000 actions per day.

⚠️  All in all, you’re allowed a total of 1000 follows AND unfollows per day.
Example : If you follow 200 new accounts on day 1, you can unfollow 800 accounts that same day. Then you have to wait until the next day to do 1000 more actions, and on and on ...

# PMs (private messages) you can send on Twitter per day

1000 PMs per day

# New followers you can earn each day 

No limit.

⚠️ We suggest starting low (especially with new accounts) and to aim 10% below all daily limits.

Total # of accounts can you follow on Twitter 

If you have less than 5000 followers, you can follow up 5000 accounts without any limits. 

If you are passed 5000 followers, then you can follow up to 10% more than your total follower count. 

Example: if you have 10,000 followers, you can follow up to 1,000 accounts to reach the 11,000 followers.

Smart Account Limits

Since January 2021 (release note), you can launch workflows without thinking about the limitations since we automatically and natively apply limits depending on your account.

Head over the Integrations Tab and click on Twitter👇

Click on edit limits 👇

💡 As written in red, we highly recommend to not change the values except if you now exactly what you are doing.

Accounts Usage

Since July 2021 you can even check accounts usage over last day, the current day and the next 7 days!

Head over to the Accounts Activity tab:

The account is not being use a lot 😇

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