Run a LinkedIn outreach campaign

πŸ‘€ Overview

This workflow automates your LinkedIn outreach in very simple steps

  • Define an audience of LinkedIn profiles
  • Define a sequence with the following πŸ’¬ :
    • Invite Message : that will be sent along with the connection requests to your audience
    • Welcome Message : sends a welcome message when profiles from your audience accept your connection requests.
    • Follow-up : sends a follow-up message to the people who did not answer to your previous message.
      You can add a delay between the welcome message and the follow-up message.

🧳 Prerequisite

In order to setup the sequence you need to insure you have :

βš™οΈ Setup

1 - Integrations

First make sure to load the right LinkedIn and Google accounts in the Integration section. Make sure that the accounts are up to date. It should look like πŸ‘‡

2 - Inputs

You must live the Input Section empty πŸ‘‰ If you fill it in, it will not be taken into account πŸ’

3 - Parameters

Now setup the Parameters section. You have different parameters available πŸ‘‡

Spreadsheet and Sheet name

  • Fill in the Spreadsheet ID : you want to extract SPREADSHEET_ID and fill-it in.
    • example : if the spreadsheet url looks like then the spreadsheet ID will be 1nSN0ArVIGALiG-VvjcmO08k9V1hjPNBfnCmdEm_XTuI
  • Fill in the Sheet Name : It is Campaign by default πŸ‘‡

Message types

Write your messages and link your spreadsheet. For reminders you have access to three types of messages. 

You cannot add more than three steps in a sequence : 

  • invite (make sure the invite message length is less then 300 characters, you can also leave it empty if you want no note to be sent along with the connection request)
  • welcome (no limit in terms of length)
  • follow-up (no limit in terms of length)

Message content

In order to personalize your messages you can use the following custom variables : 

  • {{first_name}} : will use the first name of the prospect
  • {{company_name}} : will use the company name of the prospect (WIP)


Note that the delays between each message are in number of days. 

The Welcome message can be sent ONLY if the people accepted your connection requests in the first place.

If you have a follow-up message, make sure you add a delay πŸ‘Œ

Number of daily update

This is the number of time per day we will update the sequence data. By default, it is set to one and you can update the sequence up to 6 times per day.

Once those parameters are filled-in, your configuration should look like the following πŸ‘‡

4 - Launcher Settings

You can launch the workflow now or later. If you select the later option you will need to define the specific date and time you want the workflow to start at.

We recommend using the Time slots settings to make sure you will send messages only when you are in the right timeframe (i.e during the day and not at night for instance).

Make sure NEVER to schedule repeatedly with this workflow, we handle everything for you !

Click on Launch and you are all set πŸ†. 

Now, sit-back, relax, go grab a β˜•οΈ and enjoy your LinkedIn outreach on autopilot πŸ”₯

❌Frequent Errors

  • Spreadsheet id is not correct
  • Sheet name is not correct (Spreadsheet name used instead of the tab name)
  • The profile URL you entered in the spreadsheet is wrong
  • There's an empty line in your spreadsheet
  • You did not add a delay between the welcome and the follow-up message 
  • Your invite message is too long (300 characters max)

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