LinkedIn Sequence - Run an outreach campaign

This workflow enables you to automate your LinkedIn outreach:

  • Create an audience by importing a list of LinkedIn profiles URLs
  • Define a sequence with the following messages:
    • Invite message: will be sent along with the connection requests to your audience (limited to 300 characters by LinkedIn)
    • Welcome message: sends a welcome message when the profile has accepted your connection request
    • Follow-ups: sends a follow-up message to the profiles who did never answered previous messages

Note: you should always add a delay between the welcome message and the follow-up message.


In order to setup the sequence you need to have:

  • A Google Drive account (optional but recommended)
  • A LinkedIn account (ideally a Premium/Sales Navigator account)
  • A Spreadsheet Template to setup reporting 🤩
  • You can find the profiles using other workflows:
    • We have many workflows in the Store - you can also ask us with the Help Button 💬 and we'll guide you 👌


First, select a LinkedIn account in the Integrations section.

Make sure that the accounts are up to date, it should look like this 👇

If you're using a Sales Navigator account, select the limit  Sales Navigator by clicking on Edit limits in in Integrations section.


You can either import Classic LinkedIn profile URLs or Sales Navigator ones.

We recommend you to import a CSV, the first column being the profiles URLs.

Your CSV needs to be delimited with simple commas like this , and not ;
The first column of the CSV has to be the profiles URLs.
Personalization Data

You can also add more columns to your CSV that will be mapped to to the "meta" column of your leads later on.

For example if you add the column  company it will be mapped under meta: { company: "your_value"}.

You can then use the value  {{company}} inside your messages. to use such data as personalization variable.

Make sure not to use any reserved keys - see the Spreadsheet Template to know what we use.



Please respect the messages  type:

  • The invite type will be sent only along the connection request
    • Delete the line if you don't use it!
  • welcome is sent after a request has been accepted
  • follow_up is sent after the welcome

At the moment, messages must be unique: you can't have multiple "welcome" or "follow_up".

Note that a  welcome can be considered as a follow-up as a rule of thumb.

Messages Personalization

You can use the following variables in your messages that will be dynamically filled:

  • {{full_name}}
  • {{first_name}}
  • {{last_name}}
  • {{company_name}}

If you provided additional data when importing your inputs, for example a column  intro you can use it in a message.

Example with the intro  great to meet you! for the first_name Guillaume:

  • the message Hello {{first_name}}, {{intro}}
  • will render Hello Guillaume, great to meet you!

That's a basic example, but it's entirely up to you to personalize your messages.


Note that the delays between each message are in number of days. 

The Welcome message can will be sent only if the people accepted your connection requests in the first place.

If you have a follow-up message, make sure you add a delay 👌

Number of daily update

This is the number of time per day we will update the sequence data. 

By default, it is set to 1 but you can update the sequence up to 6 times per day. 

Launcher Settings

You can launch the workflow now or later. 

If you select the later option you will need to define the specific date and time you want the workflow to start at.

We recommend using the Time slots settings to make sure you will send messages only when you are in the right timeframe (i.e during the day and not at night for instance):

Click on Launch and you are all set 🏆. 

Now, sit-back, relax, go grab a ☕️ and enjoy your LinkedIn outreach on autopilot 🔥

Frequent Errors

  • The profile_url you imported is not valid
  • You did not add a delay between the welcome and the follow-up message 
  • Your invite message is too long (300 characters max)
  • You did not fill in the sequence content like in the screenshot below 👇 you must at least have an invite message and step. 
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