Chrome Extension Release

Captain Data just release its Chrome Extension! No more cookies to update 🎉

Download the extension

Main Features

  • Chrome extension to automatically fetch & refresh cookies on any platform

You can click "Configure my Account" to fetch cookies, or share the account with someone else to let the person configure its own account.

  • New and improved accounts management

You can add, edit, delete and share accounts on a specific integration more easily.

We also updated the list when configuring a workflow.

  • The possibility to share an account with someone else without needing a Captain Data account
    • Let's say you're using a workflow that uses LinkedIn and Pipedrive and you need access to your client's accounts, you can simply create both accounts by only registering you client's name and then sharing the link 
    • Your client will be redirect to a page asking for a quick setup, either saving an API key, or clicking a "Configure" button for Oauth2 integrations like Pipedrive

Coming Soon

  • Maintenance status for tasks & recipes to pause workflows while under maintenance
  • Better error management 

Improvements & Fixes

  • When creating an account from a workflow configuration, the account is selected by default
  • An account is now linked with a specific user


  • Do you plan on having an extension for Firefox? Not at the moment 
  • Do I need a specific version of Chrome to use the extension? Nop
  • Can I really ask ANYONE to setup an integration's account? Yep! 
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