Use a Sales Navigator Saved Search

On Sales Navigator, you are able to save your searches.

It is a useful feature to launch a search without having to fill-in the filters again.

You can do this by using the following button:

The saved search will end-up in the Saved Searches section:

❓Using saved searches in Captain Data

The previous saved searches are  only accessible by your LinkedIn account.

Behind the hood, it saves a specific " savedSearchId" parameter:

This might change the behavior of Captain Data, hence we recommend you not to use Saved Searches this way.

To use them, it's pretty simple:

  1. Open the saved search
  2. Remove one filter; any filter that you're using
  3. Add it back 
  4. And... πŸ₯ tada, it is no longer a "Saved Search" URL but a normal one that you can use with Captain Data

By doing this quick manipulation, your URL do not look like a Saved Search URL:

Now you can use it in Captain Data workflows and be sure to have a normal behavior πŸš€

Pay attention to the fact that you can exclude viewed leads directly in your workflow configuration πŸ‘‡

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