Upload a CSV of inputs in a workflow

Most Captain Data workflows need inputs to run 🚀

You can add inputs one by one in our interface, or upload a CSV of inputs.

Manual Inputs

If you decide to update them one by one, simply copy and paste the url for each input 👇

You can manually add as many Inputs as you want by clicking on  ✚ Add Input.

CSV Inputs

You can add manually as many inputs as you want, although it might be time consuming if you happen to have thousands of lines.

If you do, then we recommend using the CSV upload feature 👇

Now ! The CSV needs a specific formatting to be processed properly.

CSV Formatting

The first column needs to reference the list of inputs, you can add the header url, please refer to the screenshot below 👇

Know that you can add as many columns as you want, we will only use the first one as the input.

If you're working with Google Sheets, you can download the spreadsheet as a CSV.

You can also use Excel, Sublime Text, NotePad++ any tool of your choice - just make sure you save it under the CSV format 👍

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