Add and import inputs in a configuration

Most Captain Data workflows need inputs to run.

Add Inputs

You can either add inputs one-by-one, or upload a CSV of inputs.

If you decide to update them one by one, simply copy and paste the url for each input.

You add as many inputs as you want by clicking on "+ new".

There's always a how-to on the right-panel if you need any help 🙌

Import from a file

If you already have a file ready for import, you can upload inputs from a file.

You can upload any .csv or .xls with any set of columns.

The file needs to follow a specific formatting to be processed properly.

In our example above, we expect a column "profile_url" to validate your file.

If no specific column has been set by our team, the default on will be "url".

You can drag & drop a file in the zone.

The column are perfectly mapped and you visualize all the imported data!

You can also filters columns you want to see:


Additionally to the primary column, you can add as many columns as you want as "meta".

They will be mapped as extra column: in our previous example, we had as extra column

  • Fist Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title

Columns are mapped as-is, e.g. we do not change them.

⚠️  We do recommend though that you use first_name instead of First Name.

Data Validation

Some workflows require additional data validation.

For example to find emails with, it is absolutely required to have a valid domain and a full_name:

If you need, you can filter only invalid inputs by click "Show X input(s) with error(s)".

And if you hit the "Clear" button while selecting only inputs in errors, it will remove only the wrong inputs:

Google Sheets

If you're working with Google Sheets, you can download the spreadsheet as a CSV.

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