WP #2 New Integrations System

What's New

This is  Wednesday Pills: quick notes on what is changing on the product πŸŽ‰

Main Updates

New Integrations System

A completely new way to launch and configure integrations πŸ”₯ 

This is a very important update that will enable you to do a lot more with Captain Data, especially building on top of it.

  • You can now find LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Slack under Integrations
  • Display the integration helper documentation by clicking on "How-To Configure LinkedIn" (see above)
  • Add multiple accounts under the integration tabs, whether it's a cookie, an API key or a native Oauth integration
  • Edit and add accounts directly from the workflow configuration view (see below)

Notable Updates

  • We've released the 2nd version of the API
    • With this release, the possibility to create integration's account directly with the API
  • The store has been updated: when selecting an application, it will filter out the other applications you can use with this one (see below)

Here I selected LinkedIn, and it displays the applications I can combine it with:

Coming Soon

  • Chrome extension to automatically fetch and update cookies for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Slack
  • Sharing integrations' accounts configurations with anyone (even without a Captain Data account!)
  • Tutorial videos to setup your workflows
  • Documentation for the API v2

Improvements & Fixes

Automations corrected the past week:

  • Instagram connectors
  • LinkedIn Auto-Connect


  • Can I use the configurations I was using before? Yes of course!
  • Can I add multiple accounts under the same integration? Yes! Just click on "Connect a New Account" (see above)
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