Search and enrich companies and then find the right contact

There are several ways to enrich companies and find the right contact.

Unless you have qualified your prospect companies already, we would suggest you to use two workflows that are like two peas in a pod:

  • One to source and enrich companies
  • The other to find the contacts in your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

The first step is generally to use the Sales Navigator Company Search to LinkedIn Company Profile workflow.

To craft your search as qualitative as possible, it is important to refine your search according to industry and geography.

Bear in mind that Sales Navigator displays only 40 Accounts pages, each containing 25 results, hence you will have maximum 1000 results per search.

Now, after I qualify the company which workflow do I use? 

👉  Extract Sales Navigator People from LinkedIn Company Page

What if I want to do everything in one shot?

You can also use one unique workflow that does everything, starting from the company search 👉 Sales Navigator Company Workflow

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