How to extract more than 2500 profiles in a Sales Navigator search?

By default when you search for people, Sales Navigator will only display 2500 profiles: 25 profiles with a maximum of 100 pages.

We recommend that when you are setting up your search criteria in the "Filter your lead search" on Sales Navigator, in the "Past Lead and Account Activity", select "Remove viewed Leads from search":

When setting up your workflow's configuration on Captain Data, you generally can set a maximum number of pages or profiles extracted.

You should repeat the launch of the workflow on a daily basis for example, to extract all the profile, by setting the following in the "Launcher Settings".

This way you will extract X profiles every 12 hours: for example if you set a maximum number of pages to 20, it will extract 25*20 = 500 profiles every 12 hours.

See LinkedIn Usage & Limitations for more information on limits.

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