Extract more than 2500 profiles in a Sales Navigator Leads Search

By default when you search for people, Sales Navigator will only display 2500 profiles: 25 profiles with a maximum of 100 pages. 

We recommend to use the " Remove viewed Leads from search": option from the "Past Lead and Account Activity"  filter.

This filter will allow to exclude the profiles that Captain Data has already visited on your behalf and thus get more than the 2500 first profiles by relaunching this same search over time. 

In order for this work, your workflow needs to have a visit profile step.


By default, to limit the number of profiles viewed per day, we recommend you to follow our basic setup that follows LinkedIn best practices.
A good idea to maximize the number of results extracted per day and to ensure a safe automation, you could set up  500 maximum number of results.

You could go as high as 800 number of results if you don't automate anything eles.

Then you'll be able to Run this workflow every 1 day from the Launcher Settings module:

We recommend to select " Disable schedule when no data are returned" to stop it when there's no more profiles in the search to extract.

All in all, this will launch the workflow every day for the same search, extracting 800 profiles per day.
If you have 3200 profiles to extract, the workflow will launch every day for roughly 4 days.
Happy automation 🤖
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