LinkedIn Out of Network profiles

If you're getting this error, chances are that you're most likely not doing anything wrong.

You don't need to retry the job(s) too because it will give you the same output.

" So what cant I do?!"

You can either:

  • Search only for 2nd degree connections
  • Create a new search

You might want to remember that it's all about title and boolean search.

Base your search on job title: titles are important and are the key parameter of a good LinkedIn/Sales Navigator Search.

If you are looking for " CEO", you will have displayed only the results that match your search and will look only for the current job title. 

When searching for profiles by keywords, please keep in mind that a search for keyword will look in the entire profile and you might end up having results that are not consistent with your search: for example, you could have in your results someone that has been a CEO for 6 months.. 10 years ago.

Finally, if you are looking to master your search, take a look at this quick article on how to become an expert on using the search functions on Sales Navigator.

Spoiler alert: it's all about the Boolean Search

How to master Sales Navigator search.

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