How to solve errors with LinkedIn & Sales Navigator workflows?

Common errors

  • Too many redirects: you might want to change your Session Cookie.
  • No companies to extract
  • No people to extract

If your workflow fails in the middle of the execution with one of the above error message, it is likely that your session cookie has expired and you will need to update it.

We know this is not the best solution and this is why we are coming out with a Chrome extention in September!

In the meantime, bear with us and follow this video to extract the session cookie:

Now that you have a fresh cookie 🍪, you need to retry the step that has failed.

Check the following article: How to retry a job?

Be sure to update your session cookie with the new value.

Please be advised that also the scheduled jobs will be impacted; to update the configuration, go on scheduled and click the " Configuration" icon and update the cookie there as well. 

No people/companies to extract

I am doing a people search but I have "No people to extract" as a result.

If you are using as the input a "Saved search" on Sales Navigator, it might happen that Sales Navigator would change the link ID.

We have a workaround: go on your "Saved search", add and remove a search parameter and voila, you have a live and functioning URL ID.

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