Relaunch a job from specific workflow step

Nothing easier! Just follow this quick guide.

Two options : 

  • Relaunch a specific step of the workflow.
  • Relaunch the whole job from scratch.

Relaunch a specific step 

From the Jobs view

First go to the specific job you wish to retry. You can access the all the jobs via the Activity tab or the jobs for a given workflow by using the My workflows tab. 

The fastes way to retry a job is to click on the warning icon ⚠️. The steps that have failed and need to be retried will appear, simply click on "Retry Now" to retry the inputs that have failed.

Note that if the workflow contains only one step, the Retry now button will appear directly on the card (without clicking on the warning ⚠️icon) 

From the Job details view

You can also see the job detail and retry the specific step that failed. 

First click on the job (lightened zone) :

From there you will see the tasks performed by your job . Choose the step you wish to retry and click on the right sided ellipsis👇

This will show you the logs and errors for your job. Ig you wish to retry it, simply click on the retry button as shown below 👇

You will be asked to update the job configuration to correct it and make sure it runs properly this time (ask support if need be). 

Relaunch from scratch

Go your the job you want launch from scratch and click on show configuration 👇

Click on Edit & Launch 🖋

Give the configuration a name and make sure every section of the configuration is edited.

Then click on Launch 🚀

Voilà ! Your job will restart from scratch.

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