An API plays the role of a mediator between applications. It facilitates two or more applications to interact with each other and transfer information, data, between themselves. You can interact on a deep level with your bots and workflows by using our developer API.


Authentication is the process of identifying the user from the application that would be used to configure your bot.


A script (a piece of code) that Captain Data sends out to extract or automate data from a specific web page in a website which you have chosen.

Browser Inspector

The tool that shows how the HTML looks like at runtime for that particular page and additional important information like cookies.


All of Captain Data's actions, i.e bots and workflows, are performed on the cloud so that you can concentrate on other important work and don't even have to be present in front of your computer to oversee your tasks to completion.


The process of configuring a Bot by providing the necessary Inputs and Parameters for it to begin its process.


The Information transferred by web servers to the user's web browsers when visiting a page on the internet, is stored in a cookie. They contain information about user's visit.


File format used to store tabular data that can be read using Excel or Google Sheets.

Data Automation

It is in our DNA. Data automation is what captain data specializes in, where you just need to configure the task and provide the inputs and parameters while everything else being automated without any further supervision.

Data Extraction

Automatic extraction of data by bots on specific websites to gather desired information.


The starting point for a bot from where it should begin to extract or automate desired data. Captain data allows the user to enter these "destinations" one by one or as group in the form of a CSV file containing just the URLs


An integration is a third-party service connector, that allows you to integrate with the tools you use, like your CRM, outbound SaaS, enriching APIs and so on.


JavaScript Object Notation is an open-standard file format or data interchange format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and array data types (or any other serializable value).


Text sample that allows you to debug a script in real-time/


The retry option offers you the capability to re-run the bot for specific inputs that have failed or resulted in an error.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is way of licensing software out to companies on a subscription basis. Captain Data is a SaaS and you can check out our prices here.


A bot/workflow can be executed at a specific date and frequency. 

Users can switch schedules to "Enabled" and "Disabled" modes. 

Check how to add a new schedule here.


The Schema contains the information about the different structured data that was extracted by the bot/workflow, i.e in other words the names of the columns you'll get if you download the results in a CSV file.


The home to all the bots and workflows provided by Captain Data that are capable of making web data available.

Use Cases

Some examples and ways to use the various bots, workflows and integrations provided by Captain Data.


When a specific event happens in an application, it can trigger a message to be sent to any other application. Captain Data offers three triggers:  createdsucceeded and error. This means that you can set up a webhook to trigger a message to the URL of your choice when the task is launched, if the task succeeds or if the task comes across an error.


A bot collects or automates one very specific action, like automatically connecting someone on LinkedIn. But what if you want to add additional steps, like extracting similar profiles? Workflows are the aggregation of multiples bots and/or integrations.

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