Add a user

Note: you need to be the owner of the workspace to add users.

To add a new user, you have two options:

First option:

1. Go to My Account > Users

2. Click on the top-right button, + New User

3. A window opens:

If your subscription allows you to create more users, a window with the user settings will appear: 

- Add a user name

- Add a country and a timezone

- Add an email

- Select "invite user to workspace" in order to send an invitation by email

If you need to subscribe to add-on users, another window will appear. It will add one user to your account (one user is €49 per month):

4. Your user is now created. You can see the "external" role label by default on your newly created user, meaning it has restrictive rights. See our Users Management article if you want to learn more about users roles.

Note: you can cancel this new add-on subscription at all time, according to your one-off needs.

Second option:

The second way of adding more users is to go to My Account > Subscription.

Under Buy More Users, you'll be able to upgrade your number of users:

A window appear to confirm your subscription:

Now go to My Account > Users and click on the top-left button + New User to configure your new user(s). It will have the label "external" by default. 

Once created, you'll be able to see all the users collaborating on your workspace and their attributed roles. You will also see which applications they connected to their account:

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