Users management

A user can either use directly the platform, or be external without accessing to your workspace: very handy for agencies.

Each new user you're adding by clicking on  "+ New user" comes with an additional 10 000 tasks - I mean, if you’re adding users, you probably want to automate more, right 🙂

This users section allows you to have a clear vision of the roles attributed to the different users you registered on the platform and the different apps the users connected to their account.

Go to My Account > Users to see the list of users (note: you need to be a workspace owner to see the users).

  • An owner has all the rights on the platform. He has a view of all the users, can delete and edit them as well as promote users to owners. He can also select the connected accounts he wants to use in a workflow. The owner can upgrade and downgrade the subscription and edit billing details. It’s a perfect role for the owner of the project.
  • A user has all the basic rights but cannot access the subscription and billing details. It’s a perfect role to attribute to the members of your marketing and sales team, for example. 

You'll need to invite the user to join your workspace to attribute the "user" role:

Make sure the email of the person you want to invite is filled in in the edit section of the user. If yes, click on "Invite to join workspace". The user will receive an invitation to sign up to the platform.

  • An external user has a restrictive usage on the platform and can only connect his accounts. It’s a perfect role to attribute to your clients. It will be the role attributed by default when you create a new user.

Note: we’ll slowly introduce more roles for better granularity.

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