Add a Webhook

Webhooks are very powerful: they enable you to automate actions like aggregating data or transforming it, on a backend.

They are also 100% compatible with tools like Zapier or Integromat 🙌

Add a webhook

Head over to one of your workflows and click on Webhooks:

Click on Add Webhook to see a modal displaying the different possibilities:

You can choose between three events:

  • Created webhooks are fired once the workflow is starting up, this marks the actual moment when the first task launches
  • Succeeded webhooks are triggered once a workflow successfully finishes
  • Failed webhooks are triggered once a workflow fails

Webhook Payload

Below is the description of the data we send to your URL:

	uid: "The webhook UID",
	job_uid: "The job UID the webhook has been triggered on.",
	message: "Default message based on failure or success.",
	project_uid: "Your project UID. Useful to integrate our API.",
	error: "If there's an error we add this key with the error message."

The webhook is sending a POST with a classic JSON payload.

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