Release 2.0

What's New

Captain Data is totally changing its UI and UX! We've learned a lot from your feedbacks in the past months. We'll keep enhancing it in the coming weeks - we have a lot more that's coming 👌

Main Features

  • New and improved UI & UX: a more sleek and flat UI designed to simplify the product
  • We changed the way you configure a workflow by hitting "Launch". You can also now save a default configuration
  • Scheduling is now directly integrated in the "Launch" section. You can disable/enable schedules from the Dashboard

Coming Soon

  • Advanced step-by-step configuration in the "Launch" section
  • Improved authentication system for LinkedIn with the ability to save multiple cookies and re-use them across the platform

Improvements & Fixes

  • Better Launch system
  • Onboarding has changed - don't be surprised if we ask you the applications you use :)
  • We've added a tab "Results" on a workflow view, which displays the aggregated results of all jobs
  • We're releasing a new Help Desk; we'll progressively add content


  • What is a template? A template is a pre-made workflow that you can use right out of the box
  • How do I launch a workflow? Click "Launch" and follow the step-by-step guide. If there's not step-by-step guide, ask us on the chat 😉
  • I don't have any time left with Captain Data? Hit reply, we'll add 14 additional days! 
  • What kind of integrations do you have? Here's the list, but you should know we have many more not open yet, just ask us!
  • I'm lost, can you help me? Sure! Ask your question(s) on the chat or write to
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