Enrich Company SocieteInfo

This task allows to enrich company data with Societe Info using the following inputs :

  • Name : company_name
  • French Company Registration ID (SIRET or SIREN) : registration_number
  • Domain : domain
  • Company LinkedIn url : company_linkedin_url

It returns the full legal and public data about the company with a match score.


This integration accepts many different entry points.

Parameter Optional Description & comments
Name Yes Name of the company
Street Yes Street and lane OR lane
postal_code Yes Postal code
city Yes City
domain_name Yes Domain name OR website url
email Yes Email address
first_name Yes First name of an executive / employee
last_name Yes Last name of an executive / employee
full_name Yes Full name of an executive / employee
linkedin_url Yes Linkedin company or profile URL
min_match_score Yes Returns a result only if the matching match_info.score score is greater than the specified minimum score. Double between 0.0 and 1.0


More information with the official API documentation

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