Google Search Extract Phones & Emails

This task is incredibly powerful to find emails and phone numbers.

Behind the hood it uses Google Custom Search, optimized and pre-configured.

More information here:


You can add as many queries as you want, and as precise as you want, e.g.:

  • ~ceo AND "" AND "+33"
  • ~developer AND "" AND "+33"
  • ~HR AND "" AND "+49"
  • etc..

As there's a lot of possibility, we suggest you to test a lot the different variations before scaling the process.

Checkout the list of operators here.


Maximum number of results if you want to limit the number of returned search results, the maximum being always 10.

Country restricts search results to documents originating in a particular country. Check the complete country collections list.

Geolocation of end user (two-letter country code). Check the complete country codes list.

Language restricts the search to documents written in a particular language (e.g., lr=lang_fr).

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