Create Lead LaGrowthMachine

Use this task to create leads inside LaGrowtMachine audiences.


You need to specify at least one of the following when building the input:

  • email
  • personal_email
  • profile_url (LinkedIn)
  • first_name + last_name + company_url OR company_name

Visit LaGrowthMachine documentation for more information.


You have to provide an audience to work with this automation !
It is the name of your audience in the Lead section of LGM.

By default, Captain Data is applying a generic mapping.

The key column, on the left is the key corresponding to Captain Data's formatting: for example, if the previous step is returning the field  first_name, we're transforming first_name to firstname to match LaGrowthMachine's API documentation.

You can change the mapping depending on your needs, but this is not recommended.

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