Email Cascade

This is the ultimate email finder: it enables you to combine 3rd-party email finders to increase you enrichment success rate without any manual effort.

At the moment you can combine:

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Several modes are available:

  • Enrich all = true - we will try every profile in input with each email finder you configured
  • Enrich all = false - we will try all the input with the first email finder. All profiles with no emails will be tried with the second provider and so on...

Other options available:

  • Find Phone with ColdCRM


Example of inputs:

Marc Francis Captain Data
Elon Musk Tesla
Xavier Niel Iliad

Note that:

  • to work with Hunter the website is required
  • to work with Datagma, ColdCRM and Lusha the company_name is required
  • Dropcontact has better results is you pass the website along with the company_name


  • Priorities (priorities): which email finder to take in priority over the other(s). 0 has the priority over 1 which is priority over 2 and so on.
  • Enrich All (enrichAll):
    • if set to true all profile will be enriched by all email finders/ i.e if you have 3 inputs and 3 email finder we will make 9 request. One to each email finder for each profile.
    • If set to false, we will handle the first 3 inputs with the first provider and only send the profiles with no email to the next provider in the list.
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