SerpWow Google Search


You need to craft your search input exactly as if you were searching on Google.

For instance:

You can also craft more simple or complex searches as long as Google understands it when you use it manually!


The following parameters are available to change the behavior of the task:

  • Location (location) determines the geographic location where the query will be executed. You can enter any location as a free text.To get more accuracy you can use the exact text SerpWow suggests you.
  • Number of results (num) determines the number of results to show per page on Google. The maximum is 100.
  • Maximum results (max_results) - use this set a maximum number of results.
  • Search type (search_type) determines the type of results to request. Can be set to :
    • news for news results
    • images for image results
    • videos for video results
    • scholar for Google Scholar results
    • places for Google Places (business listing) results
    • place_reviews for reviews for a Google Places ID
    • shopping for shopping results
    • product for Google product results
    • reverse_image_search for reverse image search results,
    • trends for Google Trends results
    • if you live it empty, you will get standard web results.
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