Create Lead Salesforce


You'll need the following inputs to push a lead to Salesforce:

  • first_name  (required)
  • last_name (required
  • company_name (required)
  • email (optional)

We'll automatically map additional fields coming from other tasks in a multi-steps workflow:

  • company_name as Company
  • job_title as Title
  • And so on..


The mapping takes 3 fields:

  • key which is the data we extract/enrich from a step, like company_name or  email 
  • value which corresponds to the Salesforce API mapping, like Company or  Email 
  • default is very helpful to set any additional Salesforce field, like OwnerId, since you don't to get if from a previous step

Generally speaking, the mapping is set by default in templates.

If you need additional help using Salesforce, contact

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