Google Search


You can add as many queries as you want, and as precise as you want, e.g.:

  • captain data
  • guillaume AND captain data
  • etc..

Checkout the list of operators here.

Depending on the search type you will choose under parameters, make sure you query follows it!


Each Google Search configuration has a type:

  • companies to search across
  • people to search across
  • societe to search across
  • instagram to search across
  • facebook to search across

Additional parameters to fine-tune your search:

  • Maximum number of results if you want to limit the number of returned search results for each query, the maximum being always 10.
  • Country restricts search results to documents originating in a particular country. Check the complete country collections list.
  • Geolocation of end user (two-letter country code). Check the complete country codes list.
  • Language restricts the search to documents written in a particular language (e.g., lr=lang_fr).
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