Extract Trustpilot Reviews


  • Navigate to Trustpilot
  • Search for the brand you wish to extract reviews from
  • Paste it to the provided filed(s)

An input should look like this one https://www.trustpilot.com/review/paul-rich.com/.


  • First time - if checked, the task will extract all the reviews no matter what
  • Maximum number of days - the maximum number of days since the reviews were published. The task will not extract reviews that are older. Task Exit condition
  • Earliest date - the earliest date the reviews were published at. The task will not extract reviews that reached this date. Task Exit condition
  • Maximum number of results - the maximum number of reviews to extract.
  • Stop at first obsolete reviews - if checked, the task will stop searching for reviews if any Task Exit Condition is met
  • Exclude publishers - allows to ignore the reviews from the publishers listed in this fields.
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