Instagram Usage & Limitation

You will find below some usage limitations that you need to respect.

The most important factors that enter in consideration when instagram limits your account

  • The age of the Instagram account
  • The number of followers on the account
  • The engagement of the given account
  • The account activity

Obviously,  limitation are more severe for new accounts than for aged ones.

Accounts with high engagement rates naturally have more actions than low engagement accounts.

Basically, you should keep in mind that Instagram is not dump.
They compute all your past actions on the platform and decide whether you look natural or not.

Follow the written-below guidelines and your account will look natural while automating it.

👋 Follow / Unfollow

Following and unfollowing someone counts as one same action.
The daily limit is set to 50. You should spread this action into small batch of 1 or 2 follow/unfollow and your account will be safe.

There is no limit regarding how many people follow you.

📝 Comments

The rate limit here is of 180 to 200 per day.
Be careful not to post the same comment over and over since instagram detects duplicate comments.

👍 Likes

The threshold here is of 1000 likes per day.
This limit is not always the same for every instagram users.
We recommend not to go over 700 likes per day to keep your account extra safe.

💬 Direct Messages

You can create between, 50 and 80 new conversations a day.


If you are a new Instagram user, your total action limit is of 500 a day. This includes ALL ACTIONS : Like, Comment, Follow, Unfollow.

You can send between 20 and 50 direct messages a day.

Start slowly with few but targeted actions and scale the process week by week.

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