Instagram automation rate limits and best practices

Commercial Limitations

You will find below some usage limitations that you need to respect.

The most important factors that enter in consideration when instagram limits your account

  • The age of the Instagram account
  • The number of followers on the account
  • The engagement of the given account
  • The account activity

Limitation are more strict for new accounts than for aged ones: accounts with higher engagement rates can automate more actions.

πŸ‘‹ Follow / Unfollow

Following and unfollowing a profile counts as one same action.

The daily limit is set to 25.

Actions will be spread in batch of 2 every 1 hour.

There is no limit regarding how many people can follow you.

Smart Account Limits

Since January 2021 ( release note), you can launch workflows without thinking about the limitations since we automatically and natively apply limits depending on your account.

Head over the Integrations Tab and click on InstagramπŸ‘‡

Click on  Edit limits πŸ‘‡

You will be able to increase the value - but be careful, default values are not here just for fun πŸ™‚

Accounts Usage

Since July 2021 you can even check accounts usage over last day, the current day and the next 7 days!

Head over to the Accounts Activity tab:

Not much activity here πŸ˜‡

Other limits 

While the limits mentioned above are very important to follow thoroughly, you can perform a lot of data extraction actions that will have less impact on your account.

  • Extract Instagram Followers:
    • up to 180k per day
  • Search Instagram posts by Hashtag
    • up to 100k per day 

It is generally high. The explanation is that is that Instagram banishes actions that impact the quality of the content (e.g following, liking, posting, commenting) as it is seen as parasitism.

The rest of extraction actions are limited to what's available manually πŸ™‚

Anything Unlimited 

You're looking for the good stuff right ? gotchya !

Using Instagram Public Page Scraper you are not logged in, so you can extract as many public pages as you want as long as you have the page url. 

It is also used in some templates that work like a charm to create and qualify an audience: 

  • Extract & enrich Instagram account followers
  • Search Instagram posts by Hashtag and enrich profile who posted
  • etc.

Saavy ? 😎 

And as always hit us up should you have an idea :

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