Search Indeed Jobs

Extract a list of jobs offers from an Indeed Job search.

Provide an Indeed jobs search URL and the task will extract every job offers obtained from the search.

Use Cases

  • Market study & competitors analysis
  • Sourcing


  • Navigate to an Indeed Jobs search
  • Apply your filters
  • Copy the URL from your browser
  • Paste it to the provided field(s)

A valid URL looks like this:

A good practice is to respect the country and location in which you want to search: e.g. to search in London

In the case above we have  uk as subdomain and the location London.


You can choose to maximize the number of results extracted for the search by setting the maximum results.

By default it is set to 100 and Indeed's system limit is set to 4000.

To use this setting with the API, you can pass max_results to the input_parameters field.

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