Use boolean search in LinkedIn & Sales Navigator

You can run boolean searches on LinkedIn. It allows to combine search terms to craft surgical searches. 

Quick video explaining the boolean search

Search operators

The following operators are available : 

  • Quotes : to find an exact phrase, you can use the quotes to encapsulate the given phrase; For instance, "growth hacker" will search for the full term when growth hacker will search for both growth and hacker in the profiles. Quotation marks are especially useful when you search for people with multi-word job title.
  • NOT : write the word NOT (in capital letters) before any search term to exclude it a limit you r search. For example "Marketing Operation" NOT Manager.
  • OR : use the word OR (in capital letters) to include multiple search terms and broaden your search.  For example Marketing OR Growth OR Sales.
  • AND : type AND (in capital letters) to include all the terms in the list and limit your search. For instance Founder AND Product
  • Parenthesis :  to do more complexe search that combine several operators you can use parenthesis
    • For example, if you search for Sales and Marketing decision makers, you could craft a search as the following : (VP OR Vice President OR Head of OR Chief Officer OR Manager) AND (sales OR Marketing) NOT (intern OR Assistant OR freelance OR consultant)

You can always make your searches more complexe and accurate by using the same logic or more generic and inclusive by using the search operators.

The boolean operators have the following precedence order over the others, it goes from the most exclusive to the most inclusive operator :

  2. Parenthesis
  3. NOT
  4. AND
  5. OR

Search fields

Boolean operators are available on specific LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter fields : 

  • LinkedIn / LinkedIn Recruiters : you can use boolean searches on the keyword field. For reminder, the keyword field will look for a match in the whole profile. 
  • Sales Navigator : you can use boolean search in the company, title and keyword fields which is handy for targeted x-ray leads searches.
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