How to find emails with Dropcontact

Get you API Key on Dropcontact

Once you signed up on, you will arrive on a Dashboard.

Click on the left top hand corner dropdown button, and go to your account ("Mon compte").

Now copy the API Key

Paste your API Key on Captain Data

Now go back on Captain Data, go in the Integration Tab.  

Choose Dropcontact as a provider 

Paste the API Key as shown below : 

Easy peasy, right ?

Now you can use one of our automated workflow in the Dropcontact category in the Store tab :

Should you verify Dropcontact emails?

No ! Dropcontact has an email verification system and verifies found emails by design.

An additional "Email Verification Provider" might just seem unnecessary. Simply leave the "Email Verification Provider API Key" empty and we won't verify the found emails on top of Dropcontact.

VoilĂ , you're to good to go !

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