Use Leads & Accounts lists in a Sales Navigator search

Sales Navigator allows to create Leads or Accounts lists that can come in pretty handy to automate your lead generation. 

You can save people to Leads lists and companies to Accounts lists.

Leads lists

You can save leads to a list from People profil or a Leads Search.

Simply use the Add to list button 👇

Leads lists are useful, especially if you use a Sales Navigator Team account, as you can share lists between users.

We recommend using them to do some targeted picking. 

To use Leads List in Captain Data to extract and enrich their content  :

Accounts lists

Same principle as the Leads list, you can save accounts in Accounts lists from an Account profile or from an Account search.

It is pretty useful when you wish to search for leads in a specific account list (Account Based Marketing) or to exclude specific accounts from your searches.

To use accounts lists in searches : 

  • open a new Sales Navigator search
  • go to the Custom Lists filters
  • select Accounts
  • choose your list you'd like to use
  • include or exclude it

If you want to exclude those accounts from your search, you'll need to click on the 🚫 button 👇

It should look like the following : 

All in all Leads & Accounts lists can be used to leverage more accuracy in the data you collect whether you are doing some cherry-picking or whether you're looking to scale your account based marketing in a smart way 🎉

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