Open results CSV on Excel & Google Sheet

In a previous article we've explained how you can download your job results on a CSV format.

Now let's take a look at how you can open and edit those files with Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel.

Google Sheet

Once you've downloaded your file from Captain Data you have (at least) two ways of opening it simply. 

The first is to drag & drop it to any folder in your Google Drive account. 

The second is to open a blank sheet - Tips : try typing in your browser 🤫

Then, on your sheet go to File and click on Import. An import window will appear where you'll be able to select your file:

Voilà, you're done!

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a bit more tricky. You need to follow these steps, other methods have proven unsuccessful.

Open a blank Excel file and go to Data > External Data > Text File, then choose the Captain Data file you downloaded on your computer : 

Make sure to choose the following : 

  • Type : Delimited
  • Encoding : UTF-8
  • Delimiter : coma (,)
  • Text identifier : double quote (")

Here you go ! You're now able to open Captain Data CSV files properly with Excel & Google Sheet 🎉

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