Hubspot Workflow

If you have correctly setup your Hubspot integration you are ready to use workflows with Hubspot. 

There are two workflows working with Hubspot at the moment:

  • Automate Sales Navigator Lead Generation with Dropcontact & Hubspot 
  • Automate Sales Navigator Lead Generation with Email Cascade & Hubspot

The second allows to synchronize multiple 3rd party enrichment tools such as Dropcontact or


  • Extracts a Sales Navigator Leads Search
  • Visits the profiles and collects data
  • Extracts information about companies in which your prospect are working at
  • Find the emails, civility and company social information with Dropcontact or the Email Cascade automation
  • Sends the aggregated data to Hubspot (People & Company)
    • Existing companies will be updated while People with an existing email will not be added at all.


You have the following pre-requisite to use the workflow :

  • A Sales Navigator account synchronized to Captain Data
  • A synchronized Dropcontact account (API Key) 
    • or/and Hunter DataRosa, if you use the Email Cascade version
  • And,Synchronize your Hubspot integration (API Key) : Setup Hubspot


Companies & People are two different objects in Hubspot which is why you have to map the data for both objects. 

Hubspot Company Mapping

To configure your Hubspot woorkflow use our Company Mapping function to make the match between our fields and your Hubspot's properties πŸ‘‡

By mapping your fields in the workflow configuration, you'll be able to import all the collected data in the right place πŸ”₯

Hubspot People Mapping

To configure your Hubspot workflow use our People Mapping function πŸ‘‡

By mapping your fields in the workflow configuration, you'll be able to import all the collected data in Hubspot inside the right fields πŸ”₯

⚠The property hubspot_company_id is very important as it allows to link the Contact we're adding to the right Company in Hubspot.

Mapping Default Values

You can force some properties with value in case we return no value or . For instance :  Hubspot Owner ID allows to assign contacts and companies to a specific owner.

In order to find the "Owner ID", first navigate to you Hubspot account.

Then, go to  Settings > Properties > Contact Properties > Contact Owner. You will then have access to the list of Owner ID for each of your users : 

There are other properties where you can set default values such as the LeadLifeCycleStage or even custom properties you might have added 🀷

What you get πŸ‘‡

Aggregate all the data you need and push them into your Hubspot CRM - with accurate people and company data while assigning them to the right members of you teams.

Genius right ? 🎩

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