LinkedIn automation rate limits and best practices

Commercial Limitations

You will find below some usage limitations that you need to respect.


❄️ for free cold/new accounts
🔥️ for free warmed up accounts
💰 for  Sales Navigator accounts

Maximum number of searches in a month on LinkedIn

❄️  30: you get 30 (search) * 1000 (people) = ~30k people
🔥️  300: you get 300 * 1000 = ~300k people
💰 Unlimited!

Maximum number of searches results per day

❄️🔥️💰  Unlimited on LinkedIn classic
💰 5000 results for Search Sales Navigator Leads ( soon unlimited)

Maximum number of messages per day

❄️ 50 (5 every 30 minutes)
🔥️ you can raise up to 100 messages 
💰 300+

Maximum number of connection requests per week

❄️🔥️💰 since 2021 everybody is limited to 100 connection requests per week 

Maximum number of profile visits per day

❄️ 80
🔥️ 100 - 120 visits
💰 1600 visits if spread in small batches ( do not exceed 1000 visits in one batch)

Maximum number of enrichments requests per day

❄️🔥️💰 3000 people AND companies enrichment per day ( per batch of 1000)

Maximum number of connections extraction per day

❄️🔥️💰 once a day ( up to 30K connections)

Maximum number of connections you can have

30 000 (though you still be able to accept invites)

Maximum number of pending connection requests you can have

1 200 (beyond this, connection requests will not be sent)

Smart Account Limits

Since January 2021 ( release note), you can launch workflows without thinking about the limitations since we automatically and natively apply limits depending on your account.

Head over the Integrations Tab and click on LinkedIn👇Click on edit limits 👇

We automatically detect the type of account you're using: Classic or Sales Navigator.

If you are using a Sales Navigator account and want to visit people profiles, you will be limited to 500 visits a day ( for the limit above).

Captain Data will automatically apply the limits and visit 250 profiles every hours to reach the 500 visits limit.

If you already reached the limit for the current day, it will continue again the day after until you have visited all the profiles from your search.

💡 As written in red, we highly recommend to not change the values except if you now exactly what you are doing.

Accounts Usage

Since July 2021 you can even check accounts usage over last day, the current day and the next 7 days!

Head over to the Accounts Activity tab:

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