Synchronize multiple social accounts with Chrome Sessions

Depending on your plan, Captain Data enables you to create and configure multiple accounts for one integration.

Chrome Sessions

For social accounts like LinkedIn or Instagram, we're using cookies to synchronize your accounts, through our Chrome Extension.

When you create a new account, we're simply fetching cookies for the specific platform.

The only thing to remember is that cookies are valid for your entire session: you never have to login every time in LinkedIn thanks to this feature.

But it also means that logging in and out of accounts can cause synchronization problems.


  • You're on your main chrome session
  • You login to account A on LinkedIn
  • You create a new LinkedIn on Captain Data = it is linked to account A
  • You logout from LinkedIn
  • You login to account B on LinkedIn
  • You create a new LinkedIn on Captain Data = it is linked to account B
  • You forget about it and live your life
  • Several hours later, we automatically update cookies through the Chrome Extension, but now you're connected with the account B
  • Here comes the problem, because the account A is going to take the cookie value of account B... and you're left with two accounts B 😅

Creating a new Chrome Session

To avoid this, you need to open new Chrome sessions.

To create a new session, click on your profile image on the upper right corner:

Sorry it's in French, but if you click on "Ajouter" (Add) it will open a brand new session.

On this session, you won't be logged in LinkedIn or Captain Data.

⚠️ Warning

On the new session you'll be able to setup everything by logging in Captain Data and the platform you want to automate.

Name the session "Account B", for example, and when you want to work/automate ANYTHING with Account B, open this session.

Beware that you'll be able to refresh any cookies on Captain Data from any session.

Remember, if you update Account A's cookie from Account B's session, Account A will be synch with ... Account B

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