How-to read Step details

When you need more information regarding a specific step, a right-side navigation opens:

This view gives you additional details regarding inputs and jobs.

Access the step details

On the workflow's jobs view, click on a specific job, here " Demo job example":

Select the step you want to analyze; in our case " Email Cascade": 

It will open the right-side navigation!

Reading the side navigation

First, you'll see which step you're looking at:

You can either click on:

  • Leave the navigation
  • Refresh everything when there's a running job

Inputs Analysis

You also get the full overview of what happened in terms of inputs:

Account Analysis

If you're visualizing a step that is following a limitation, whether it is visits, connection requests or else, you will see this additional piece of information:

It gives you a quick insight of the account's consumption for the current 24-hour period.

As a reminder, when the limit is reached (here it would be 80 / 80 profile visits), future inputs are queued.

Job Analysis

Each steps list one or more (sub-) jobs:

Each job represents a "batch"; as a reminder, we're not automating everything in the same job, rather we optimize each run: this is way you will most of time have multiple jobs listed in the right-side navigation.

You have standard information here:

  • The job's status and when it started
  • Input statistics for the job
  • The number of results for this job
  • A list of actions such as retrying the job, downloading results and showing the configuration used

Further analysis

When click on the job, you'll see 3 tabs:

  • Error if the job raised an error, with the corresponding message and how-to solve the error
  • Inputs which are the list of inputs with the corresponding output or error in case there's one
  • Logs for more advanced debugging

In our example, we have 8 successful inputs and 2 failed.

The 2 inputs that failed here are just because we did not find any email for the input.

We try to raise the most precise error for various cases, but it's not always the case, due to a large variety of errors that can arise.

If the error is not clear enough, don't hesitate to message us to get additional information!

Filtering, selecting & downloading inputs

  • You can filter inputs by status (Failed & Success)
  • Select specific inputs to download them
  • Download ALL inputs 

Managing Errors

When a job is raising an error, we try to pin-point as precisely as we can where the error comes from:

The "How-to solve this issue" should give you enough details on how to fix the job.

If it's not clear enough, contact us on the support.

Once you click on "Fix & resume this job" you will be redirected to the configuration panel, where you will be able to edit it to correct the error.

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