Integrations accounts limits

When synchronizing an account for a specific integration, for example LinkedIn or Twitter, we apply daily limits.

Here is a quick video to sump up how the LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Limits work:

Account levels

We call " levels" the different integration account's plans that exist.

For example on LinkedIn, we distinguish " Classic" accounts and "Sales Navigator" (premium) accounts.

By default, when launching a task, we select the appropriate limit: for example the task " Sales Navigator Leads Search" will apply the "Sales Navigator" limit.

If you switch to "Sales Navigator" (see below), even classic tasks like "LinkedIn People Search" will take this limit.

You can change the limits used under Integrations > Integration (LinkedIn, Twitter...) > Edit Limits, see below:

Limits & periods

Limits are applied for a 24-hour period, starting from the first time you launch a job.

We also apply "batches": we do not run every inputs at once, but rather multiple launches, every X minutes/hours.

Example for LinkedIn Profile Visits:

  • Profile visits for LinkedIn accounts are maxed at 80 per day
  • Each 30 minutes, 10 profiles are being visited
  • If you launch a job on Monday with 100 inputs, 80 inputs will run on Monday, and 20 on Tuesday
  • Note that if you launch on Monday at 23:00, you will only be able to execute 2 batches, which means
    • 20 inputs on Monday
    • The rest, 80 inputs, on Tuesday

Let's take another example, by taking into account the 24-hour period. Let's say you want to visit 800 profiles:

  • The first of the month, "01", you visit 250 profiles at 22:00
  • The next batch applies the next day, "02", 4 hours later, at 02:00, you'll visit 250 profiles
  • The next at 06:00 for 250 on day 02
  • The next at 10:00 for only 50 this time

All in all, you'll visit 800 profiles in 24 hours.

If you try to launch another job on day 02, it won't visit anything else because you already did 800 profiles for the current 24-hour period 🙂

Time Slots

When using time slots with your configuration, beware that this does have an impact over limits.

For example, if you choose a time slot that runs on week days, from 14:00 to 17:00, you only have a 3-hour time window.

Depending on the limits used, you might not maximize the inputs that will run for a day.

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