Maximum workflows reached

Each subscription is composed of a set of different limits. 

One of the limit applied is the number of workflows.

ℹ️ As a reminder, a workflow is automating one or more tasks.

So you could have 5 workflows with 4 tasks in each.

Or 5 workflows, each automating only one task.

It's entirely up to you to manage your project.

Once you've reached the maximum number of workflow on your projet, you'll not we able to add/create more workflows.

Of course you can still run the ones you've created already!

If you are in this case you have two solutions:

  • Upgrade for a higher plan
  • Remove un-used workflows

Delete a workflow

To delete one or more workflows head over My workflows.

Hover the workflow's card you want to delete and click "Delete":


There's another way for you to avoid the limits.

When you're launching a workflow, a pop-up window will appear:

We always recommend to create a New configuration instead of creating a new workflow 🙌

Of course, at times it's better to create new workflows, for better segmentation within customers for example; in this case, reach out to

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