Lemlist workflow

When you have correctly set up your Lemlist integration you are ready to use workflows with Lemlist. 

There are two workflows working with Lemlist - whether you're using Dropcontact or ColdCRM. It is especially used for : 

  • Sourcing leads and company data on autopilot and find B2B emails with Dropcontact for email outreach
  • Warming up an audience before an outbound campaign by visiting their profiles.


  • Extracts a Sales Navigator Leads Search
  • Visits the profiles and collects data
  • Extracts information about companies in which your prospect are working at
  • Find the emails, civility and company social information with Dropcontact
  • Sends the thee aggregated data to a Lemlist Campaign


You need to have : 

  • A sales navigator account
  • A Dropcontact or ColdCRM account (API Key)
  • Synchronized your Lemlist integration
  • Created a lemlist campaign to get the campaign id   👉 To find it, open the campaign on Lemlist. When you do, your URL should look like : https://app.lemlist.com/campaigns/cam_sOmEiD the Campaign ID is cam_sOmEiD . It will always starts with cam_.


To configure your Lemlist campaign use our Mapping function 👇

By adding keywords in your workflow configuration, you'll be able to import all the collected data in Lemlist, such as email, phone, job title and so on. 

What you get 👇

Aggregate all the data you need and push them into your Lemlist campaigns - such as job title, company name, email, website and even the profile pic ! 

It's kind of magic 🎩

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