Finding & verifying emails

Captain Data specializes on data extraction & automation.

One of the big use case related to people data is finding the email.

I mean, it's pretty useless to have lots of data on your leads, without the ability to reach out to them, right?

We've selected and integrated third-party providers that will enable you to find and verify emails.


To find emails you can choose between:

  • Anyleads

To verify emails you can choose between:

  • Neverbounce

Email Finder is kind of a "goto" tools these days. very straightforward to use, clear pricing.

If you signup, you'll get an API key that you can use directly in Captain Data.

Checkout the complete Setup.

Dropcontact has made a lot of noise recently in France.

The process is similar to signup, then get your API key and you're good to go.

Email Verification


Neverbounce is very reliable and efficient when verifying emails.

Same principle here, signup to an account (they offer 1000 verifications per month, that should be more than enough to get you started!) and copy-paste your API key.

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