Count and predict tasks consumption

When subscribing to Captain Data, you will be assigned a number of tasks, depending on the plan you choose. 

A task will be deducted for every action Captain Data is making on your workflows. 

For instance, if you visit a LinkedIn profile and then a LinkedIn company page, this will be counted as 2 tasks and so on. 

Once you've reached the limit, you will have to buy new tasks or update your plan

Counting tasks and predicting consumption counting is pretty straight forward to understand: a workflow is made of one or several steps.

Each step will automate one action on your behalf.


Let's take our classic Automate lead generation with LinkedIn workflow.

As you can see from the "How it works" section, we have 3 tasks to automate:

  • Search profiles
  • Extract profiles
  • Extract associated companies

How many tasks are we using for an end-results? Simple! Three: one for each search results, one for the profile and on the the companies found.

Let's take a look at a job:

Here we're going to count in total 59 tasks:

  • 20 search results
  • 20 profiles
  • 19 companies found
  • And we're not counting the aggregation, courtesy of Captain Data 🙌

Remember we showed you only three steps in the description? Well, that's what we're counting in final.


Now, you should understand how easy it is to predict the number of tasks you're going to need!

Each Captain Data's subscription plan offers a maximum number of tasks to automate per month:

The number of tasks is a limit and not a credit.

That means you can use up to 20 000 tasks but won't be able to use more.

Buying more tasks

Since October 2021, we've released an add-on to let you buy more tasks, without having to upgrade to a higher plan.

Tasks price being at 24.95 per 5000 - price is decreasing based on the volume you choose.

🚨 This add-on is a recurring subscription, if you do not need the tasks anymore, make sure to downgrade or cancel this add-on's subscription.

You can buy up to 1 200 000 additional monthly tasks.

You can easily downgrade or upgrade this add-on's subscription by moving the slider's cursor.

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