How-to read Job details

In this article, we'll detail how to read a "Job".

A job is simply the execution of a workflow, whether the workflow has one step or ten:

When you click on the card "Demo job example", you will be redirected to a page like the one below:

Main information

The first thing you'll see in terms of data:

  • The job name, here "Demo job example"
  • The total number of inputs that have been processed, here 31
  • Succesful inputs (29)
  • Failed inputs (2)
  • Queued inputs: "queued" means that inputs will be executed in the near future, generally according to specific limits

Understanding Steps

As you can see above, there's the full steps details:

  • The number and name of the step
  • Logo of the application we're automating - except for the Captain Data logo that represents proprietary bricks
  • The status of the step: if all jobs for this step are successful, the step is a complete success
  • A summary statistics for inputs: how many inputs succeeded or failed for this particular step
  • The number of results; a result being for example a lead from a search, an email found, a connection request sent, etc.
  • A list of actions: you can download the results for a particular step, or refreshing its state if the workflow is running

Working with results

By clicking on the column "results" and the icon table, you'll see the step's output, in terms of data:

Note that you can filter out columns and download the results for further analysis if need be.

A note on tasks

On each successful action, a line of result will be returned: each line of result is counted as one task

As stated before,It can be a profile visit, a message automatically sent or an email found.

For each line, one task will therefore be deducted from the total number of tasks related to your plan.

A task is different from an input: for example, you can have 1 input for 10 tasks👇

Understanding Errors

Let's the example of another workflow, with one job that resulted in an error:

If you click on "Action Required", you'll quickly see what's the problem:

In our case, our cookie is not valid anymore and we should update it.

You could have click on the job card "Example error" to see this:

This enables to precisely pin-point where the error occurs; clicking on the step, the right-side navigation opens:

This way, you get the full picture of what happened, and what needs to be done to correct and relaunch the workflow!

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