Setup Outlook Integration

  • Navigate to Outlook Inbox
  • Login if you're not (or Create an account if you don't have one) 
  • Make sure you activated the integration between Outlook and LinkedIn (check here)
  • Open your browser's inspector: right click on Outlook's page and select Inspect
  • Select the Application tab (top right on the screenshot)
  • Click on Session Storage
  • Select ""
  • Locate the LokiAuthToken cookie in the Name column
  • Select (double click) the LokiAuthToken value, here "EwAwA92CBAA..." and copy-paste it 

Then continue to follow the instructions, you will most likely have to add a phone.


If the enrichment does not work and you're getting an error: 
  • You have been disconnected because you made too many requests: stick to no more that 100 requests per day
  • Your account is too recent; you should at least send a few emails
  • You're also supposed to verify your account the first time you send an email, make sure to go through this step
If you're having trouble extracting the cookie, send us an email 💌
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