Release 3.0

What's New

Captain Data has a totally new totally branding 🎉 This might be the biggest release we've done so far.

Main Features


We've worked with the best branding agency out there to deliver a beautiful product, and we're proud of the result: a strong & beautiful technology asset.

As a result we now have:

  • Consistent branding assets across the website & the app
  • More robust application components

Introducing a "smart limits" system

We're automating a LOT of different applications, sometimes they have an API, sometimes they don't. Either way, there's always limits involved.

Where you previously had to calculate everything under the "Advanced Settings" tab, everything is now automatically done for you.

We also added a "24 hours security": it means that limits are taken into accounts for the current day, but also checked for the previous 24 hours.

Time slots

Automations can run 24/24 7/7, but if you want to run them at specific days or hours, you can specific a time slot:

Let's say you want to send messages only on working days, Monday to Friday, from 11am to 4pm on a specific timezone.


Under "Account > Notifications" you will find a new "Notifications" tab.

Settings are rather self-explanatory. 

At the moment, workflow notifications work on the whole project level, per user. If user A activates it, user B won't receive them.

New View - Job Details

We've completely changed the way jobs are displayed.

When navigating to a "Job" from the workflow's jobs list, you will find way more details than before.

Especially, each inputs are detailed and attributed a state, either "success", "failed" or "queued".

Queued means the inputs are scheduled to run as soon as possible, depending on the limits if there's.

If you click on any step (below "Leboncoin Search"), you will have the full details for this step and all the inputs it has gone through.


We've added a Templates section to help you find automations more easily.

Under the hood - Technology

Under the hood, we've entirely:

  • re-written all automations
  • added automated testings, to anticipate failures
  • introduced a new way to manage inputs

Coming Soon

  • Better integration accounts synchronization (we'll fetch more data, validate cookies, etc.)
  • Pricing limits (maximum number of workflows & integration accounts etc.) to better fit our pricing system
  • New configuration system (step-by-step), more on this later
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