Schedule a Workflow with the API

Head over to the API Reference and look for "Schedule a Workflow".

Integration Accounts

Using the version 2 of the API, you can use accounts you previously synchronized.

On an account, you can get its UID using the following:

Once you have this UID, you can use it to schedule a workflow with the account, using the following in the payload (refer to the API Reference for the full payload):

"integrations": {"UID_YOU_JUST_GOT": {}}

You can also modify the value of the account directly, if need be (not recommended).

For example if you're using a Google Account, it would look like this:

"integrations": {"UID_YOU_JUST_GOT": {"api_key": "NEW_API_KEY_VALUE"}}

You don't need to specify "Google" anywhere because we obviously already know it :)

If you need to update a cookie, for example with LinkedIn, use the following:

"integrations": {"UID_YOU_JUST_GOT": {"cookies": {"li_at": "YOUR_NEW_VALUE"}}}
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